Saturday, October 22, 2011


Striiv is a sleek fitness device that fits on your keychain and counts every step you take. Striiv motivates you to transform your life with games, donations, and personal challenges that are powered by your activity. Yes, I’m not kidding this is exactly what this amazing device is all about.

Striiv is a portable fitness device that motivates users to exercise through games and personal challenges, as well as offering donations to charity in return for physical exertion. Striiv was founded by Dave Wang and Mark Ross who, realizing that busy schedules forced many people to have no time to exercise, wanted to put the fun back into fitness.

Striiv is a small lightweight device, just about the size of “a hotel bar of soap”, that fits onto a key-ring and counts each step taken by its user. The device’s games are powered by this movement, with one game requiring users to create their own tropical islands filled with plants and wildlife simply by walking. Points and rewards, meanwhile, are earned through physical activity, and personal challenges can be set.

Moreover, users can create an account online, view their progress made so far, and receive motivational emails from Striiv. The idea, Striiv claim, is that users can integrate using the device into their daily routine, rather than dedicating chunks of time to gym classes or sports activities. Striiv and their associated sponsors will donate to charity for every step taken by users. In their own words, their goal is create “a movement around movement”. The device is currently in beta, and available to reserve for USD 99. Striiv expect to start shipping mid-October.

Check out this cool video:



Radha said...

Amazing it !!

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Very unusual and innovative. Health, business and charity!

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Hi! thanks for your lovely comment. long time no "see". how are you ?

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